Personal Information Consent

  1. In compliance with the Data Protection Act 2019, Utabibu Regulated Non-WDTS Ltd seeks your consent to collect and use your personal data (i.e. Name, National Identity Card number, Telephone contact numbers, postal and email addresses) in order to maintain the Society’s registry of members and to disclose such personal data to Utabibu Regulated Non-WDTS Ltd service providers where necessary.
  2. Utabibu Regulated Non-WDTS Ltd will also collect and use your personal data to provide you with our products or services for:
    a) Evaluating an application for a product or service you hold with us, including consider whether or not to offer you the product, the price, the payment methods available and the conditions to attach.
    b) Managing products and services you hold with us, or an application for one.
    c) Updating your records, tracing your whereabouts to contact you about your account and for recovering debts (where appropriate)
    d) Sharing your personal information with service providers when you apply for a product to help manage your product.
    e) All stages and activities relevant to managing the product or service including enquiry, application, administration and management of accounts, illustrations, request for transfers of shares, setting up/changing/removing guarantors.
  3. Where it is in our legitimate interest to do so, such as:
    a) To perform and/or test the performance of, our products, services and internal processes.
    b) To follow guidance and recommended best practice of government and regulatory bodies.
    c) To carry out searches at Credit Reference Agencies pre-application, at the application stage, and periodically after that.
  4. Utabibu Regulated Non-WDTS Ltd respects your privacy and assures that your personal data will be kept securely according to The Data Protection Act 2019.
  5. I hereby give my acknowledgement and consent to Utabibu Regulated Non-WDTS Ltd to use my personal data for the aforesaid Purposes and Services.
  6. I agree that my consent will remain in place until my withdrawal by officially notifying UtabibuRegulated Non-WDTS Ltd in writing.